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Quality, Affordable
Facebook® Lead Ads
Quality, Affordable
Facebook® Ads for Your Business!
Use Our Expertise To Increase Your Sales and Leads. 
  • Customers: Drive Customers To Your Business Daily
  • Save Money: No Outrageous Monthly Management Fees
  • Stay Informed: Weekly updates and suggestions


We will do a careful review of your Website or product and make expert recommendations before ad launch, Including tips for conversions


We look at Past Revenue and Advertising Costs. The goal here is to identify what worked and what did not work. The goals is to have a lower pay per click. And improve Revenue. 


Establish a Time Line . Once goals have been mapped out we get to work to improve your business's bottom line.


You will have a dedicated account manger. Image design, ad copy, audience targeting are all included.
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What Clients Are Saying!
Larry "The Crazy Options Trader" Steinhouse
“As a successful real estate investor and a successful stock options trader, Larry no longer has to go into the daily rat race. Instead, Larry spends his time helping others to learn stock options trading, real estate investing, and general finance.”
Is it really just $670/month for you to run my ads?
A. Yes. We run a particular type of no-frills, irresistible offer that works particularly well in service-based businesses so there is very little need for extensive testing as is normally required. The testing has already been done over hundreds of campaigns and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend.
Q. In addition to the management fee, are there any other costs?
A. We require you to budget $500/month for ad spend. That’s $10/day and works great for the offers we will be running to get you new customers.
Q. How soon will I get new customers?
A. Most clients get new customers within a day of the ad starting.
Q. What do you mean by “$670 month/product”?
A. Normally we run ads to your business itself, which we consider a product. If you want to run additional ads to a particular product you sell, that will be an additional $670/month.
Q. Where is your fancy website?
Of course we can. There isn't time in the day to manage your business, inventory and also become an expert online advertising executive. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! We can fit into any budget.
Q. How do I know this is right for me? Or I have another question.
A. Setup a call and we can help you figure it out.
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